Writers in the Schools (WITS) residencies

After witnessing student enthusiasm for our one-off youth workshops with a professional writer, educators encouraged the development of our creative writing residencies. They saw their ability to address at-risk student challenges by transforming the learning experience through a dynamic classroom program led by a specially-trained professional writer, assisted by the classroom teacher.

Each year, Wordcrafters Writers in the Schools (WITS) residencies serve more than 200 low-income, at-risk students at three Lane County schools (for incarcerated students; low-income, rural students; and a 100% at-risk student body). They prepare students to meet state language arts requirements and take students through the whole writing process from brainstorming to publication of their work.

During a Writers in the Schools residency, students work with a professional writer to develop their spoken word poetry and participate in group work and performances. Each residency culminates in a class chapbook, poetry reading, or art project.

These residencies are unique in that they allow students to actively participate in the entire creative writing process, from first drafts to final revisions, with the help and support of a professional writer.

WITS residencies increase school engagement and academic success through transformational creative writing residencies. Teachers welcome WITS residencies for their proven ability to enlarge students’ writing experience, spark enthusiasm for writing, and increase school engagement and academic success.

Writers in the Schools (WITS) is the only creative writing program serving Lane County youth and schools.

Contact our WITS Coordinator, Jorah LaFleur, to schedule a residency or workshop, and for more information – WITS@wordcraftersineugene.org.

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