All the World’s A Stage at November Youth Playwriting Write Club

Youths had a blast at this month’s Write Club at the Wordcrafters Studio. 

Instructor Jeany Van Meltebeke Snider encouraged kids to tap into their inner creative energy by drawing on inspiration from their peers and the world around them to come up with short scenes intended for a theatre performance.

“It was a delight to get to know these five unique young people. They all have great imaginations and rapport with one another,” Snider said. 

She said while it was difficult for many of the kids to “get started,” she provided them with some short exercises that helped them come out of their shells. First, each youth opened by creating character foils. Next, they were given a starting sentence by another person in the class. Then, Jeany encouraged everyone to look around the room for new sources of inspiration, after which, they discussed their thoughts and ideas. 

After that, it was time to break out the art supplies! 

Everyone drew some pictures and described what stories came to their mind to inspire their artwork. This proved to be the most successful and entertaining part of the workshop. Kids would start with one line based on a drawing, and then take it and run with it as they tried to put scenes together for a play. 

Overall, everyone had a great time coming up with imaginary scenes and learning to write for plays and skits.

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