Your support creates healing through sharing

Word open mic creates opportunities for community and creative expression

Our goal is to give you what you need to tell your story. Sometimes, that’s a microphone.

At our monthly Word open mic, a writer can share their vulnerable inner self with a room of hushed hearts, knowing their words will be held in compassion. 

“Word is such a warm space for so many different kinds of writers,” says frequent performer Stephanie Axley-Cordial. “It’s been empowering and sweet.”

One of our low-cost offerings, Word is possible only through the support of our donors and members. It gives writers the chance to share poetry and prose, out loud, in community, some for the first time.

“I spent several years bedridden due to chronic pain and the Word open mic was one of the first places I went to when I was trying to feel alive again and get back out into the world to connect with people. It quickly became one of my favorite places to be,” says Caroline Bauer. 

Word was the first place Caroline ever read her poetry publicly. “It felt incredibly warm and supportive. Wordcrafters has created a beautiful space for people to share openly and honestly from the deepest parts of themselves,” she says.

Open hearts create healing

Top photo: Stephanie Axley-Cordial shares poetry that’s helped her heal.
Above: Caroline Bauer reads her work in public for the first time.

The only feedback a performer receives at Word is applause–no criticism or critique. And then they take their seat again and listen to the next open heart at the mic.

“We all show up with the same intention–we show up for each other to listen and be vulnerable. Not enough spaces like that exist,” Caroline says.

Stephanie agrees. 

“Storytelling is so important, we know that. But creating safe and inclusive spaces for them to be experienced as a group is deeply healing,” she says. “When I give my stories up in that space, they lose their power over my brain and empower others’ hearts. It’s pretty incredible.”

Thanks to your support, the healing space Word provides is a reality.