Wordcrafters membership gives writers the space they need

Sometimes, what you need more than anything, is accountability to show up and get the work done

When we began offering Be Writing, an in-person, weekly write-in, last October we wondered, “Will anyone show up at 9:15 on a Tuesday morning?”

Yes. Yes they will.

It turns out writers need company, even to write silently next to each other, occasionally getting up for more writing juice (caffeine) or to stretch their legs and back. As a writer, you need to know you’re not alone. That you’re in it with others–different adventure, same journey.

“I joined Be Writing to make a personal commitment to myself to write my memoir,” says regular Gale Ann Salvador. 

She started her memoir a few years ago. Then life got busy and she put it away–even though it never left the back of her mind.

“I hoped Be Writing would be the incentive I needed to get motivated to write regularly again. It was! I’ve written every week for the last four-plus months and I’m making great progress.”

Your membership is what makes events like Be Writing possible, by giving us ongoing, reliable support allowing us to have the Wordcrafters studio. Thank you for helping writers like Gale get their writing done.