The Story of Wordcrafters, Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Stepping up for kids in (or out of) school

Wordcrafters can’t meet every creative writing need in our community, but we tend to try! 

In 2015, schools faced budget cuts and had a few extra furlough and teacher planning days than usual. To prevent parental despair, Wordcrafters stepped up to offer No School Creative Camps for young writers, to the relief of caregivers throughout the land.

Not only did they have excellent care for their younglings, but those creative little souls got to revel in two days of worldbuilding, writing, and podcasting.

FUTURECAST and Re:Vision provided students with action-packed days of close encounters, aliens, warp drives, time travel, and even elephants in space. 

Plus, we held another conference! This one featured bestselling writers Kevin O’Brien, Gail Tsukiyama, and Nancy Holder, as well as another young writer’s short story contest.

Throughout the year, we offered summer camps for youth, story weekend writing retreats for grown-ups, as well as workshops on story anatomy and getting ready for NaNoWriMo.

Wordcrafters fed writers a feast of craft, community, inspiration, and probably a lot of chocolate. That’s only possible through the support of donors, {{Constituent First Name}}. 

Program fees, and even grants, don’t cover all our expenses. We can only be here for our community if our community is here for us. 

Will you ensure these kinds of experiences are available to writers?