The Story of Wordcrafters, Chapter 2

Chapter 2: It’s official! We’re married! (I mean, we’re a nonprofit)

We became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization on January 22, 2013 (also Jeaux’s birthday, in case you want to write that down somewhere).

Conference planning went into high gear, with Patricia Marshall from Luminare Press leading the pack of coffee-drinking, chocolate-loving volunteers. 

Liz Cratty called up writing friends and colleagues from conferences past, inviting them to join in on the Wordcrafters shenanigans.

“The fun thing was, it wasn’t just one friend who said yes. All of them said ‘yes,’” co-founder Juanita Metzler says.

Other folks stepped forward to help, including Cathy Hamilton of Verb Marketing + PR, who designed Wordcrafters’ branding (which we haven’t changed, and don’t plan to–thank you, Cathy!)

Hosting a writing conference is an immense amount of work, requiring coordinating calendars, keeping track of a trillion details, and careful planning.

“Patricia said, ‘I’ve got someone, and her name is Daryll Lynne,’” Liz says.

And so Daryll Lynne Evans–now our Executive Director–joined the merry band of wordsmiths and word lovers.

 “We saw the dedication, friendship, and camaraderie around the written word. It fueled the sparks that were starting to glow,” says Liz.

That community and connection have been supported by donors just like you over the years. Will you help to keep the embers burning?