The Story of Wordcrafters, Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The very beginning

In 2012, a band of dedicated volunteers, led by Wordcrafters co-founders Liz Cratty and Juanita Metzler, drank a lot of coffee and planned their first conference.

“I felt we needed a writing conference in our community because I want everybody to have the opportunity to read. If people don’t write, we don’t have books to read. So if we can get people of all ages to write, there’ll be more things to read,” co-founder Juanita Metzler says.

She reached out to local author, Liz Cratty (pen name Elizabeth Engstrom) and the two got together to talk over coffee.

“Between us, we found the resources and connections. It was meant to be. It was the right time,” says Juanita.

Those resources came in the form of volunteers and donors like you. Can you give a gift today to ensure Wordcrafters can continue to empower writers of all ages to tell their stories?