Why I’m a Wordcrafter

Finding community, support, and publishing

Meet Matthew. Wordcrafters board president. Writer. Game maker.

He’s been part of Wordcrafters since the beginning.

“I was at the foundation meeting in 2012 at a coffee shop with Elizabeth Engstrom and Juanita Metzler to discuss Wordcrafters’ creation,” he says. And he’s been around ever since, joining the board of directors in 2015, becoming board president in 2020. He’s even been a conference presenter, teaching how to write realistic fight scenes at Behind the Book: Fight or Flight.

Writers need community

“When you’re a diehard introvert, what better community could you ask for than one that throws an introverts ball,” he says. “As a writer, it’s great to have a connection to other writers who are working towards similar goals–and who appreciate a good story.”

It’s a community that’s brought goodness into his life.

Wordcrafters provides vital support

A multi-genre writer, Matthew started writing seriously just over two decades ago, publishing his first short story in 2003 and books in 2016. 

“I’ve met so many wonderful people, honed my craft, written good stories, and started publishing books–all during my time on the Wordcrafters board,” Matthew says. He’s now the author of a series of spiritual nonfiction books, a post-apocolyptic novel, a collection of horror stories, and a fantasy card game. Matthew is working on more nonfiction and a trilogy of fantasy novels, knowing he’s got the resources, support, and inspiration he needs to see him through.

“Wordcrafters is a wonderful community,” he says. It’s a community made possible through the generosity of our donors and members, and the time and talent of volunteers like Matthew.