Our Sponsors

An organization such as Wordcrafters cannot survive without support. Our community of writers, local businesses, foundations, and other patrons of the arts has generously supported our events, from Conferences, to Creative Summer Camps for Teens, to Writers in the Schools (WITS). By encouraging children to read and write more effectively, we provide building blocks to help them be creative thinkers and better communicators.

Your support for our young writers and WITS programs first and foremost benefits students, most of whom will not grow up to be professional writers, but who will learn that communicating through words has great value in life. Your support benefits teachers by giving them additional teaching tools and methods to inspire students. Your support also gives professional writers an opportunity to share their expertise, inspire students in their reading and writing, and model writing across the disciplines.

Please consider donating today to help Wordcrafters continue inspiring young writers and readers. 

For corporate sponsorship, please email: info@wordcraftersineugene.org and find out how we can increase your corporate visibility while you provide a valuable service.

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Autzen Foundation
Braemar Charitable Trust
Elizabeth George Foundation
Harvest Foundation

Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
Juan Young Trust
Lane County Cultural Coalition
MillsDavis Foundation