What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

Daryll Lynne, James, and Molly share their biggest obstacles in their writing journey’s and share insights and camaraderie in the challenges of being an author.

Whether trying to find a supportive community in which to share your writing or even just trying to find the time, this podcast uncovers the more vulnerable side of being a writer and offers both solutions and commiseration to face the difficulties and continue pursuing a writing lifestyle.

Molly’s Editing Tips:

“Filtering is when you’re talking about a character’s perception of the story versus the reader’s perception of the story. You’ll find filtering a lot of the time with sensory words so you’ll say so and so saw, so and so heard, so and so felt, but you’ll also see them internally, so and so thought, so and so felt, so and so felt in the emotional sense versus the physical sense of the word. Look for places in your story where you have those filtering words and where yo can pull them out. That will create a much bigger sense of immediacy for you reader.”

Interview Highlights

  • The group discusses the different writing groups in the Eugene community and acknowledges the difficulty of finding the right fit
  • Daryll Lynne shares her difficulty in finding the time to write and how she uses sharing her logged hours with someone she trusts to increase accountability
  • James admits that he has found it hard to ask for help, especially when adjusting to a new lifestyle including the addition of his daughter to his day to day life and encourages good communication between both personal and professional relationships
  • Molly discusses her struggle with finding a good community of writers in her new surroundings while trying to keep up her motivation to write