Fiction Fantastic

A short story contest for Lane County students in grades K-12

About Fiction Fantastic

  • An annual short story competition for students in grades K-12 in public, private, and home schools across Lane County
  • Encourages students to hone their creativity, storytelling skills, and develop a love for writing
  • No cost for students to enter
  • Organized by Wordcrafters in Eugene, a nonprofit literary arts organization dedicated to inspiring writers and readers of all levels.

Fiction Fantastic by the numbers

  • Years running: 10
  • Average number of annual entries: 130
  • Total number of story submissions: more than 1,000
  • Number of words submitted in 2023: 203,447
  • Total number of published stories (in 8 anthologies, since 2016): 108
  • Number of schools student writers have submitted from: 95

About the Annual Anthologies

  • A compilation of the winning stories from each category— K-2 Spotlight stories (not judged), Elementary, Middle, and High school
  • Creatively themed each year:
    • 2023: Enter the Imaginarium
    • 2022: Tales From the Deep Beyond
    • 2021: A New Story Rises
    • 2020: Fueled by Fire
    • 2019: Portals
    • 2018: Secret Keepers
    • 2017: Becoming
    • 2016: Transit
  • A testament to the hard work, creativity, and storytelling prowess of our young writers
  • Professionally edited, published, and available for sale.
  • Provide a platform for our students’ voices to be heard, their creativity to be celebrated, and their skills to be recognized

Remember, every story matters.

Let’s keep writing the story of Fiction Fantastic together.