What To Do with Terrible Advice?

What is the worst advice you have ever received and how do you move on from it?

Daryll Lynne, Molly and James each share their experiences as “veterans” of critique groups gone wrong and shed some light on ways to discern and overcome overly critical or just plain terrible advice.

“You’ve vanilla pudding’d my story!” – M. K. Martin

Interview Highlights

  • The group agrees on the benefits writing streaks have had on their daily writing practice
  • Molly encourages writers to critique each other with more specificitydon’t just say “I like it!”
  • Daryll Lynne shares her experiences in college with a professor who not only did not understand what she was trying to accomplish but also tried to rework her story entirely
  • James prefers shaping goals and planning out his projects to “just writing from the heart”
  • Other points the group covers include how to work alongside people from other genres, how to provide stronger feedback, and how to deal with misunderstandings and differences
  • Craft advice tips include the nuances of the commonly tossed around phrase “show don’t tell”