Students Dive Deep to Discover the Core of Their Stories in Memoir Writing Class

In November, writing editor and coach Valerie Ihsan taught a cozy memoir writing class at Workcrafters where folks worked on story structure, character arc, and theme development.

“It was a pleasure teaching at Wordcrafters,” Valerie says. “Students asked interesting questions and we did three short exercises: listing top pivotal moments in our lives, writing a six-word memoir based on one of the pivotal moments, and coming up with story hypothesis statements for our memoirs-in-progress.”

The class atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. 

Several folks shared their memoir’s core messages, which the class workshopped together. 

With the teaching prowess of Valerie Ihsan, each participant was able to dive deep to uncover the central theme of their story. Or even if they already knew the direction they wanted to take, they learned to look at their story from new perspectives–always good sources of future inspiration for development. 

Memoir writing can be a daunting process, especially for those just starting their story, but the journey is made infinitely easier when accompanied by peers who are in the same boat as you are. 

Valerie Ihsan’s class provided the wind for everyone’s sails, whether they were at the beginning of their writing voyage, or somewhere in the middle!

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