Tracking the Premise

Join Molly and Daryll Lynne as they seek out what it takes to pull together a cohesive premise that drives the action of a story

Letters from Molly’s editor and Daryll Lynne’s takeaways from a weekend at the Oregon coast illuminate the importance of premise in this week’s episode of Sentence to Paragraph. Listen below, on Podomatic or iTunes to find out how to bring continuity to your storyline.

What is your dramatic question and how are you writing for or against it through your character’s actions?

Podcast Highlights:

  • Molly shares a re-diagnosis of a writer’s issue she has been struggling with and how reframing the problem in a new way presented an easy fix
  • Daryll Lynne talks about her time on the Oregon coast at Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency retreat and how taking the time and space to write among other writers impacted her own writing experience
  • We take a look at how to bring home the excitement of a conference or a retreat by figuring out how to apply the concepts and learnings into a daily writing practice
  • Exploring premise, we ask how can to look at crafting a story with intentionality through each successive draft? This includes using raw material to mold a story together as well as beginning with outlines that lead the way.
  • Eric Witchey’s thoughts about the purpose of a writer’s groups: They are not really places of critique or criticism but rather analysis and he advises using analysis to understand what is working and what is not coming across in the story

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