The Story of Wordcrafters, Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Teaching writers how to kill (but only in their books!)

In 2017, Wordcrafters made a mark on the City of Eugene. Specifically its parking garages.

Often dreary places, ever damp no matter the weather, parking garages are few folks’ favorite places. 

But, in partnership with the City of Eugene, Wordcrafters set about brightening up Eugene’s downtown parking garages while helping local writers leave their literary stamp on Eugene. And make local writing a (semi)permanent fixture of downtown.

The Step Into… series was open to all Lane County writers, published or unpublished. Writers submitted short works that celebrated or reflected on life in Eugene—past, present, or future–in the form of short stories, poems, and plays. 

Submissions were blind read by a panel of judges–community members and writers. Selected writers received a small stipend in exchange for First North American Rights so their work could be displayed in various garages downtown, such as the Overpark and Eugene public library garages.

Many of the selections are still up today.

Our annual conference continued strong in 2017 with Behind the Book: The Mechanics of Murder. The three-day event plunged writers of mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals, and crimes of passion into blood-chilling sessions on psychological sleuthing, forensics, plotting the perfect murder, and how to get into the mind of a killer!

These programs–from making a literary mark on Eugene to learning how to get away with murder (in a parking garage maybe?)–wouldn’t be possible without help from supporters. Supporters we’re so grateful for! Supporters just like you.

Will you help ensure our community’s writers learn how to realistically kill people off in their books and celebrate our city in short verse with your donation today?