The Story of Wordcrafters, Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Writing isn’t only for the young

It’s not just the spry younguns who have writing dreams. So many of us have stories we need to tell.

Providing quality classes to empower writers of all ages is our core mission. To make that happen, we work with some powerhouse teachers and instructors.

While Lane County students learned poetry and found their voices in 2016, adult writers at Wordcrafters developed their craft through award-winning writer Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency program. 

Known as Plaid Bunny in its first year, Fiction Fluency teaches Eric’s hard-won and market-tested writing skills and techniques that can be applied to any genre of writing. Students learn in a small, tight-knit cohort over several months of classes. 

Fiction Fluency has been taught in-person, online, and as a hybrid of both. But no matter how it’s taught, students learn valuable skills they can immediately apply to whatever they’re writing. It’s a program we’re so grateful to be able to offer scholarships for. But that’s only possible through the generosity of donors. Donors like you.

Will you help ensure amazing writing classes are available for all folks who need them?