The Story of Wordcrafters, Chapter 12

Chapter 12: We create our authentic selves through writing. Especially in Write Club

Unlike in Chuck Palahniuk’s book Fight Club (or David Fincher’s movie adaptation), the first rule of Write Club is to talk about it!

The monthly creative writing workshop for youth and teens began in 2022 and was supported in its first year by a grant from Lane Arts Council with support from the City of Eugene. Like the story its name is based on, it isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about creating an authentic self, something we can only do for ourselves. 

Writing can be a daunting challenge–especially if you’re just getting started in life as well as on your writing journey. Write Club for Youth helps you conquer those fears, with the support of a professional writing instructor and a compassionate, accepting group of peers. 

Our first year of Write Club for Youth offered young creative writers dives into poetry, world building, character creation, story beginnings and endings, flash fiction, memoir, and map making in stories.

This year, Write Club we rely on donors like you, to make it affordable and accessible to youth. 

“This is the best art class I’ve ever had!” and “Can we have one more hour?” we’ve heard students say during Write Clubs.

Will you give them one more hour with your donation today?