The Rejects Club

Don't Quit, Submit your Sh*t! 

Find your local troupe of rejectees, send out your work, revise, and celebrate! Every month, we will get together (online until further notice) for a couple of hours on a Wednesday and send stories, essays, poems, grants, love letters, whatever you’re working on, to publications, contests, your mother, etc. We’re looking for 100 nos in 2020!

Have you heard about Submittable’s #rejection100 ?

“When we fear or avoid rejection, we prevent ourselves from finding new opportunities, pushing ourselves forward, and climbing the next rung of the ladder…It’s logical, really: since we can’t have success without rejection, rejection must be a good thing. So let’s start treating it that way.” Read More Here.

In this spirit, we’ll operate according to #rejection100 guidelines:
“Since we celebrate rejection, it’s only logical that we condemn success. In other words, the correct responses to an acceptance, success or YES in this group would be:

“I am so sorry about your raise.”
“That sucks. Can you use the money you made to wipe away your tears?”
“Damn. Maybe next time they’ll say no.”

Get your words into the world, and take Nos for answers!

Wednesdays once per month, from 6:30PM-8:30PM PST

  • April 29 | May 27
  • June 24 | July 29
  • Aug 26 | Sept 30
  • Oct 28 | Nov 18
  • Dec 16

$5 members | $10 nonmembers (but please don’t let a lack of funds hinder you from showing up! Use coupon SPARKLING20 to attend for free.)