The Mystery of Voice through Focus on the Character’s Moment

Join Eric Witchey for exercises in character perception, voice, and attitude. 

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Tuesday, May 2
3-4:30 PM Pacific Time

Thursday, May 11
6-7:30 PM Pacific Time

Workshops will be following with a 30 minute Q&A with Eric.

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Have you heard agents and editors saying, “We are looking for unique voice,” “The most important thing is an authentic voice,” or “Your voice doesn’t grab me?” Have you ever asked them what they mean and heard the response, “I know it when I see it.” Writers can’t afford such a nebulous understanding of voice. Writers have to be able to know it, manipulate it, and make it seen. Reader understanding comes from the ability to recognize patterns and relate them to one another. Revision requires the writer to alter the text to support the reader in this process. This seminar will demonstrate character-based, line-level revision choices that trigger reader responses and allow them to internalize character and narrator voice from the intrinsically meaningless little black squiggles on a contrasting background. Award-winning author Eric Witchey will demonstrate executable dramatic textual patterns, point to critical elements on which to focus, reveal the power of changes within the patterns, then demonstrate how character background, agenda, and choice can be manipulated in text to create the reader’s consistent, unique experience of voice.

This workshop will include some theory, demonstration, and hands-on experimentation. Participants will leave with insights into their own character and narrative voice development as well as methods for evaluating a line of text in order to make effective choices for modification. They’ll also go home with a metaphoric magnifying lens to help them examine moment-by-moment voice revision choices in narrative and dialog.

Based on his background in theoretical linguistics, his experience selling fiction in 12 genres, and knowledge gleaned from creativity science and cognitive science, Eric Witchey has put together a group of practical tools writers can use to enhance, develop, and improve emotional impact on the reader.

This stand-alone workshop will offer participants 2 hrs of focused instruction, and give writers who are interested in the Fiction Fluency Seminar Series an opportunity to meet Eric and experience his teaching style. Eric will answer questions about the Fiction Fluency Seminar Series after the workshop.

About Eric Witchey

Eric Witchey has sold stories under several names and in 12 genres. His tales have been translated into multiple languages, and his credits include over 160 stories, including 5 novels and two collections. He has penned dozens of writing-related articles and essays, has taught over 200 conference seminars, at 2 universities, and at a community college. His work has received recognition from New Century Writers, Writers of the Future, Writer’s Digest, Independent Publisher Book Awards, International Book Awards, The Eric Hoffer Prose Award Program, Short Story America, the Irish Aeon Awards, and other organizations. His How-to articles have appeared in The Writer Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, and other print and online magazines.

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