The Business of Writing

Join Molly, Daryll Lynne and James to explore the craft of entering the world of conferences and publishing as an independent author

*This podcast was released later than its original recording date*

Getting your work out into the world can be daunting. This podcast discusses attending conferences, the differences between independent versus mainstream publishing, and the process of writing on a timeline.

Molly’s Editing Tip: Editing by zombies and using the passive voice, “if you can use the phrase, ‘by zombies,’ you are using the passive voice.” Example) In passive voice you would say, the brains were eaten BY ZOMBIES. The ACTIVE voice would say, THOSE ZOMBIES ate the brains.

Interview Highlights

  • Molly, Daryll Lynne and James discuss writing conferences and the benefits of attending a conference for authors interested in independent publishing
  • The group tackles questions about indie authors including creating a space for their work in today’s market
  • Within self promotion comes keeping readers interested and James describes his strategy of using short story fiction to hook readers with consistent news letters
  • Molly goes into her use of short stories to keep up with literary trends, which allows her to stay away from creative confinement while staying apace with an ever changing market
  • The group discussed two conferences and their respective benefits: 20 Books to 50K and Willamette Writers