Teach at Wordcrafters

Who We’re Looking For

We’re seeking a wide range of teachers and offerings to strengthen and inspire our writing (and reading!) community. We focus primarily on craft and writing life, though we do–on rare occasions–offer presentations on the business and publishing side of writing. 

We know that paths to becoming a professional, published author are infinite and varied. While we super-love the MFA path, we also believe you can get pretty darn stellar writerly training through (ahem) awesome community writing organizations, mentorships, and writing in the wild. In that light, we endeavor to provide our community many different perspectives on craft and writer life from accomplished writers and creatives who bring solid craft experience no matter the path they follow—indie or traditional publishing, university training or writing in the wild, literary or genre prose (not to mention creative nonfiction, memoir, drama, and poetry). 

Being a pro writer isn’t enough, however. We look for inspiring instructors and presenters who have also honed their teaching craft. Beyond that, we want offerings centered on Community, Inspiration, and Craft. Does that sound like you? Check out our Zeitgeist below, and then submit a class proposal!

Not yet a pro teacher with CV cred? We also believe in developing writers as you take the next step in your writing career to teaching by offering mentorship, community teaching practicums (practica?), and teaching opportunities to help emerging writers develop your teaching portfolios. 

What We Offer

  • Wordcrafters Workshop or Series — multi-week offerings, typically 2-3 hours
  • Single (One Day) Class or Workshop — one hour to one day
  • Young Writers — just like multi-week or single-day offerings but for young writers (also, camps!)
  • Literary Shenanigans — We do love to get up to literary mischief! Noir at the (Virtual) Bar? Exquisite Corpse Open-Mic? Literary death match? We are here for it!

Instructor / Class Application Deadlines 

Class Terms*:

  • Winter: Jan-March
  • Spring: April-May
  • Summer: June-August
  • Fall: September-December

All classes will be online via zoom until it’s truly safe to meet in person. We anticipate that we’ll be online through 2021.

Proposal Deadlines

  • Spring (April-June): November 15
  • Summer (July-September): Feb 1
  • Fall (October-December): May 1
  • Winter (January-March): August 1

*If you have a class proposal that may overlap terms, just be sure to get it in by the earlier term’s deadline.