Q&A with the mysterious Meg Hayertz

Meg Hayertz is many things: a writer, a teacher, and a tarot reader. She brings all of these experiences to the table to help people with their writing and self-confidence. Read on to discover how Meg uses tarot cards to guide characterization and plot development and what you can expect if you sign up for her class!

Q: What is your philosophy toward teaching writing?

My “Creative Momentum Method” uses tarot cards to reveal points of thematic crossover between our own lives and the lives of our characters, regardless of how different a character’s circumstances might be from ours. This is usually a surefire way to get into the flow, especially if we’ve been feeling blah about a piece, because it helps us realize how immediately relevant this story is to our life—more than the laundry begging to be folded or whatever your inner procrastination voice focuses on.

Once we’re in the flow, I like to use the cards to illuminate details and craft choices such as, “What’s the mood of this setting?” “What action does this character take in response to that character’s action?” or “What structure or pace would best suit this scene?” 

Questions are magic. The moment we move from “Ugh, I’m stuck,” to asking, “What’s not working here?” our brain starts churning, then speaks to us by directing our attention to a particular aspect of the tarot card we pull.

Q: How do you describe your teaching style?

Lots of mirroring, reflecting back what’s amazing about the writers in the room. Oftentimes, at the level of emotions, our inner critic fools us into thinking our challenges mean we’re weak or dumb or irrelevant. 

I love supporting fellow writers in realizing how interesting and relatable their creative process challenges are and how insightful the writers already are about their experiences.

Q: What can people expect if they decide to participate in your class?

The atmosphere will be friendly and uplifting, and participants will tangibly strengthen their ability to channel magic, tap into inspiration, and trust their own intuition and insights. 

Q: What do you love most about teaching?

Life is such a wild ride, and I relish writing classes (whether I’m the teacher or the student) as opportunities for us to share in the adventure together.

Q: What’s the earliest thing you remember writing?

Cat and Dog drive a go-cart from Portland to Seattle!

Q: What are some books or authors that have significantly influenced your work?

I loooove Banana Yoshimoto. Her sensory descriptions are so delicate—a window curtain fluttering next to a forgotten drink; your toes on the first day it’s warm enough to wear flip-flops; shaved ice so fresh it wakes you out of your grief. Just perfect. 

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