Q&A with playwright Jeany Van Meltebeke Snider

Jeany Van Meltebeke Snider (she/her) is an actor and theatre instructor. She is a lover of story, a lover of words, and an experienced voice-over artist. She’s also a some-time playwright, creative writer, musician, and blogger.

She loves to draw out authentic voices in an atmosphere of safety, showing vulnerability and supporting an ensemble of creative folks, while giving specific feedback and encouragement. 

Get to know Jeany in this quick Q&A. We sent her a plethora of questions about her writing, influences, and creative self. Read on to find out which questions she answered, and what she had to say.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?  

Although I have been away for many years in Canada, I grew up in Eugene and graduated from Sheldon High School in 1987.

What are some other things you’re passionate about?  

I love to bake. I am on a lifelong quest for the perfect pie crust.

What’s the earliest thing you remember writing?

When I was six, I had a tiny pink journal with a lock and key that I would write one sentence a day… for at least a week.

What sparked you to become a writer? How did your literary journey begin?  

I listened to both Disney and Bible stories on records when I was small and I was captivated by the dramatic renderings. They must have ignited my imagination because I ended up creating fairy tales of my own with biblical proportions.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? 

Rittersport’s “Fur Kinder” — German milk chocolate in a rainbow wrapper with a sweet and tangy cream filling, but I don’t think they make them anymore.

How do you deal with writers’ block and/or the urge to do anything else but sit down and write?  

I’ll set a timer for 21 minutes and write without censoring or analyzing. And then I usually have enough on the page that I enjoy working with for another 26 minutes or so. Odd numbered times remind me to think outside the box and seem more doable somehow.

What are some books or authors that have significantly influenced your work?  

C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia and The Space Trilogy have deeply influenced the way I see life and pine for goodness.

Can you share a piece of advice that has helped you as a writer or literature professional?  

Follow your delight or a burning question.

Don’t pander.

 Learn more about Jeany at jeanyspot.blogspot.com and jeanysnider.com

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