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Creating a Point of View

Daryll Lynne and Molly discuss narration and how to find the best point of view for every distinct voice. First person? Third person? Young Adult fiction? French Nihilism? These are the questions posed in this episode of Sentence to Paragraph where Molly and Daryll Lynne share what they do to write through different characters, places, […]

Into the World of Plotting

Story structure can be magical! Join Daryll Lynne and Molly as they explore the wizardry of formulating your ideas into writing. In this episode of Sentence to Paragraph, Molly admits to introducing plotting and structure to her writing practice (even though she is a confessed and loyal “pantster” at heart) while Daryll Lynne discusses her […]

Interview with M.K. Martin

Join James and Daryll Lynne for an interview with our very own M.K. Martin as she discusses the release of her new book Survivor’s Club. Get into the world of squishy creepy things as M.K. Martin reads excerpts from her new book the Survivor’s Club by listening to the recording below ‚ÄúStories [are a] way […]

The Business of Writing

Join Molly, Daryll Lynne and James to explore the craft of marketability, conferences and publishing – otherwise known as working as a professional, independent author *This podcast was released later than its original recording date*