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Brains Don’t Do Random

How do we abandon the concept of being good, or getting it right? How do we train ourselves to produce stories on command? Those are hard questions to answer, since no two writers are quite the same. But brains do have some common characteristics. Brains are all about recognizing patterns. Where no pattern exists, the […]

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How To Speed Write

Every year, I go to a group of cabins in the mountains on the banks of the Mackenzie River here in Oregon for Ghost Story Weekend. We set the goal of starting Friday night and having at least one story ready to read out loud on Saturday night. Most years, pretty much every writer gets […]

Writing the “Deep Stuff”

When we craft stories, essays or memoir, the “deeper” elements are the last thing on our minds. At least they should be. Concentrate on getting the story down, however rough around the edges. My opinion is that if you write the story deeply and honestly, the metaphors, themes, symbols (all that subtext!) will take care […]

Setting Up Your Characters

We usually think of Characters and Setting to be separate elements of storytelling. But they are way more linked than they appear! Today we will be taking a close look at a short excerpt from J.C. Geiger’s 2017 novel, Wildman, to get a sense of how he weaves both of these techniques together, along with some more […]

Listen to Your Story

“I had been neglecting to follow my story’s lead. I’d been so adamant about what I wanted my story to be that I’d ignored the signs of what it needed to be.”