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Friday Night Writes


FRIDAY NIGHT WRITES: Quarantine Edition! Friday night socializing for writers! Come hang out with other writers, get some work done on your current project (or start a new one!), and eat chocolate. What more could you ask for a Friday night?

Day Writing for Adults

Like Day Drinking, but with Words! To support you in these social distancing days, we’re offering an additional virtual write in! Just like Friday Night Writes, but in the daylight on Mondays (so not the same at all, but since we’re always inside now, what’s the difference?).  Join us in those daytime pjs, and with your beverage […]


“Creativity does not stop because we must shelter in place. In fact, it becomes more important than ever. It seems that the corrosion virus has gotten into and eroded everything in our lives, yet we persist. We writers have the duty of creating stories that make sense of human existence in trying times, and part […]