Pay From Your Heart Pricing

Image features aged pink hands outstretched in front of a pink background. Inside the palms of the hands is a red heart. The text on the heart is in white, and reads Wordcrafters now offers pay from your heart pricing.

We now offer pay-from-your-heart pricing to increase access to our classes. 

  • A price 25% lower than what it costs us, as a nonprofit organization, to offer the class–for those with limited access to funds.
  • A break even price of the class, which sustains our organization—for those who can pay the true cost.
  • A 25% higher price, which allows us to offer classes below cost–for those who have more access to wealth and resources and can support students who need to pay less.

Additionally, we have enabled pay later, and pay in installment, features if you choose to pay with PayPal when you check out when registering for a class or event. If you need additional support, please reach out to us at bewriting@wordcrafters.org.

We trust you to discern your financial situation and your level of need or ability to give to others with less access to wealth and resources.

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