“Our Stories” with the NAACP

"Our Stories"

Come enjoy food, connection, and stories!

The community, Wordcrafters, and the NAACP are happy to present a new community storytelling program, “Our Stories.” Over the course of a year, we’ll explore topics by theme marked by an ancient proverb.

Once a month, the NAACP and friends will gather at Wordcrafters’ Studio IN PERSON for two hours to enjoy food, connection, and stories. In the final month of each season, we will invite a special guest to share a story. StoryHelix will be present to give participants the opportunity to have their stories recorded, should they desire. This season’s schedule follows:

January (1/31)It is only when the cold season comes that we know the pine and cypress to be evergreenCommunity Storytelling. We’ll sit in a circle and talk! Everyone will get at least 5 minutes to share.
February (2/28)Reason is the wise man’s master; experience is the fool’sMixed Medium Storytelling: Bring your Poetry. Visual Art. Your Song and Dance. 
March (3/28)He is bad that will not take advice, but he is a thousand times worse who takes every adviceGuest Speaker: Kenya Luvert!


Upcoming Group Meeting Dates:
Winter: Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28
Spring: Apr 25, May 30, June 27
Summer: July 25, Aug 29, Sept 26


Wordcrafters Studio
436 Charnelton, Ste 101


This is an indoor, in-person event.
To minimize the potential spread of Covid-19, and protect immunocompromised attendees, We encourage participants to please wear masks when not eating.

This series is free and open to the public! It is also unfunded. We want these conversations and relationships to happen in our community.  If you want to see work like this continue, consider a donation to Wordcrafters or the Eugene-Springfield NAACP to help support these community events.


  1. Opening with food and drink (15 minutes)
  2. Open Circle and explain the sacred talking item
  3. First, pass: Share each other’s names, pronouns, and what brings them to circle
  4. Moderator reminds participants of the proverb and puts the object at the altar for anyone to take
  5. Willing participants share a story, then passes the sacred item to the next participant. No one is required to share.
  6. Moderator debriefs the session with a story about the proverb 
  7. Final acknowledgment of all the stories told and a couple of closing thoughts. (30 minutes)


  1. This is an intergenerational space where we recognize the stories that people have to share regardless of their age.
  2. There is no ideal for how to tell a story, however, refrain from sharing harmful stories, i.e. racist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, cruel, etc. 
  3. Share trigger warnings to prevent exposing someone with past trauma, to something that might insight a physical and/or mental reaction
    1. I.e. Death, Sexual violence/ rape, Food and drink/ eating disorders, Paedophilia, Violence/murder, Police brutality, Sex/masturbation, Self-harm, Suicide, Homophobia, transphobia, sexism (any kind of discrimination), Talk of dysphoria, body image and appearance, etc. 
  4. No interrupting 
  5. Be tolerant and kind; set any cultural biases and judgments aside 
  6. Listen deeply and with an open heart; quiet down a willful mind or logical mind. Don’t think of what you want to share as someone else is talking. Speak from your heart during your turn.
  7. Share your condolences or empathize with people at the end
  8. At the 8-minute mark, we will sound something. 
  9. Share any feedback or suggestions in person, via email, or via our suggestion box 

All ages are welcome, including children, but should you need a childcare stipend, the NAACP has some vouchers available. Fill out the registration form, and someone will be in touch.

The Facilitator:

Eva Osirus (she | they)

Eva Osirus’s background is in classical music, healing, literature, and art. Creation is life; whether it is a story, verse, collage art, singing, or music production, Eva creates that which is inspiring, truthful, and contrary to illusion. When she is not working in the community or making, Eva is walking a path to become a better being through qigong, kungfu, and meditation. Eva is a lover and seeker of life that embraces duality as an enlightening tool of reality. Every day she chooses to create and live a life endowed with faith, love, truth, and balance