November Friday Night Writes


Friday night socializing for writers! Every Friday in November, come hang out with other writers, get some work done on that NaNoWriMo novel (or any other project you’re working on), and eat chocolate. What more could you ask for a Friday night?

Hey, Writer Friends! In light of the never-ending “sparkling isolation” due to Covid-19, we want to make sure everyone still has access to writing community. Whether you’re a member or not, or have a few dollars to contribute or not, we welcome you to Friday Night Writes.

We’re making the cover fee a suggested contribution instead. We really just want to hang out with you. But from home in our yoga pants.

Members: $5
Non-Members: $10


Hourly schedule: room opens at 6 pm; 6:10-6:55 parallel play writing session; 6:55-7:10 socialising and snack break

We’ll be doing parallel play writing sessions—write for 45 mins on your own project, chat and triage stories for 15 minutes, each chocolate, rinse and repeat. We’ll have a few word games and writing prompts on hand for inspiration.

After 2 or 3 writing sessions, you’ll have some serious writing done, you’ll have socialized, and you may just have made a new friend. Friday night done! (Or, you’ll be done early enough to catch the late show or zoom with friends guilt-free because you got some writing done!)

About Parallel Play:

One of our favorite writers, Eric Witchey, gives us this model for getting a ton of writing done based on his background in linguistics along with studies in neuroscience and productivity.

How it works:

  • Write for 45 minutes, focused on your own writing project, whatever you want to do (new words, editing, world-building, etc.).
  • No phones, texts, internet, or other interruptions allowed for the writing session.
  • Take a 15 minute break to solve plot problem or troubleshoot troublesome characters with your neighbors, have a stretch, and get some chocolate and tea.
  • Then we’ll start it all over again.

Why it works:

  • Neurosciencey research says early school training gives us about a 50 minute focus time (based on school periods). If we stop just before that time, our brains feel incomplete and want to get back to solving whatever problem we were working on. When we sit down, we’ll get into flow state faster.
  • A short break gives the brain new stimuli while the subconscious works on the problem in the background.
  • Brain science also says we only have about 45-50 minutes of brain energy. By getting up and stretching or having a short walk, and having a snack and some liquids, we’ll replenish our brain fuel.
  • There is no laundry or other work to distract you. Plus other people are being productive around you so you’ll be inspired to be productive, too.