Manifesting Character in Text (August Fiction Fluency Seminar)

Manifesting Character in Text with Eric Witchey

Use psychology to make your characters sing with voices of their own in this August Fiction Fluency Seminar.

Have you noticed that your characters sound like you? It’s hard to speak through the mouth of somebody else! This seminar will help you make your characters believable on a line by line basis, teach you to use psychology to figure out how your character would speak: how to tie their deep drives to the nitty gritty details. Learn how to manage psychic distance in your third person narration, and get techniques for revision based on the themes, characters, and the conflicts within. We will use the “Because, Because” tool to explore character and consequent choices, and we’ll experiment to reveal the impact of these various choices on a reader’s experience. We’ll talk extensively about how to decide the voice, tone, distance, subjectivity, and person both prior to composition and during revisions, and discuss how these changes can ripple through the story. This seminar assumes familiarity with ED ACE (April’s Seminar), Control Statements (June’s Seminar), and Character Drivers (March), but you do not have to have taken these seminars to attend!

About the Instructor

Award-winning writer Eric Witchey’s background in theoretical linguistics, course development, and creative writing combine with over 27 years of full-time freelance experience to allow him to distill nebulous concepts normally attributed to talent or internalized through years of trial-and-error into clear, executable techniques writers can begin to practice immediately. These techniques have been tested in the marketplace, and he has sold 2 collections, 5 novels, and 150 short stories. His stories have appeared under several names, in multiple languages, and on 6 continents. Using the techniques he teaches, he has garnered many awards and accolades, including recognition from Writer’s of the Future, New Century Writers, Short Story America, the International Book Awards, the Independent Publishers Book Awards, the Irish Aeon Awards, Writer’s Digest Awards, the Eric Hoffer Prose Awards, and a number of other organizations. His fiction how-to articles have appeared in Writer’s Digest, The Writer Magazine, and other print and online sources.

Saturday, August 17
1-5 pm
Sunday, August 18,
9-1 pm

Wordcrafters in Eugene Workshop
425 Lincoln St. | Eugene OR, 97401

Members $249
Non Members $279


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