Looking at the Feedback Cycle

Curious on how to move forward after receiving disappointing criticism? Join Molly and Daryll Lynne as they confess their challenges with getting feedback and how they use critiques in the editing process.

In this episode of Sentence to Paragraph, Molly and Daryll Lynne examine the often vulnerable world of revision. It can be hard to know how to take criticism (even when it’s constructive) especially when your creativity is on the line. Listen below, on Podomatic or iTunes to explore the various ways to transform your critiques from nail biting to empowering!

“It’s okay to feel your feelings, even your bad feelings!”

Molly Martin

Podcast Highlights:

  • Molly shares the cycle of acceptance she undergoes when she sends her work off to her editor, including working within the parameters set by her editor once the edited copy returns
  • Molly describes how she aims to gather up her ideas and revise them with story structure as the story begins to take form
  • Both agree that finding a supportive community of writers is crucial to maintaining a positive outlook on the writing process
  • Daryll Lynne cautions against thinking too much about negative feedback and encourages taking a break from the project to find joy in other activities in order to gain perspective
  • Remember: You don’t need (and likely are unable) to finish an entire piece of writing in a day, you will always spend time reworking and revisingreconnect with the part of you that enjoys what you do!