Leona Morrison’s Self-Care Routines and Revelations

Self-care for creative people can be a challenge–especially in a fast-paced world where your talents aren’t always recognized or valued. 

As a writer, artist, and activist, Leona Morrison knows the ins and outs of self-care for creative people. Her own perspectives and self-care practices have evolved over time.

More than a cup of tea

Leona’s self-care routine used to be “…a cup of tea in the morning, pretty nutritious food, long sleep, and occasional retreats to keep me from complete burnout.” 

But it wasn’t enough.

She realized this routine wasn’t sustainable, and her body nearly shut down as she tried to maintain rituals that were supposed to aid her in recovering after long days–and prevent future exhaustion.

Leona invested several years learning more about and incorporating realistic self-care practices into her own life and others. As the founder of Inner Fire, Outer Light, Leona now helps overwhelmed and under-valued artists, creatives, and wellness professionals to make a living, make a life, and make a difference with their gifts. Without burning out.

Real-life self care–start with the basics

What do these self-care practices entail?

“It starts with some basics that apply to everyone: self-compassion, healthy boundaries, and self-reflection. Incidentally, these are all key to having a thriving creative life, so now we have double the reasons to embark upon a true self-care practice.” 

Self-care is personal

Self-care looks different for everyone. 

No single routine or action is the key to preventing burnout and nurturing your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. In other words, marinating yourself in lavender oil and eating dark chocolate is not a guarantee that you’ll find physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Though, it can be a nice end to a long day, if you’re into that.

Leona is passionate about sharing her experiences in finding realistic rituals, setting boundaries, and analyzing her feelings and needs to incorporate true self-care into her life, and how it has helped her creativity flourish as a result.

It’s OK to need to take care of yourself. Filling the well is a necessary part of living a creative life.

Photo by cottonbro studio