June Write Club (for Youth): Historical Fiction – The Guests with Flora Winters

Explore writing historical fiction with Flora Winters in our June Write Club for youth!

Upcoming Session
Saturday, June 1, 2024
Youth (Ages 9+) | 10 am – noon 

This is an in-person event.

Wordcrafters Studio
436 Charnelton St. Ste 100
Eugene, OR 97401

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Before modern methods of travel were invented–like cars and planes, even trains–traveling long distances was an even more arduous process than it is now. 

In ye olde days–back when rich folk lived in castles, palaces, and mansions–weary travelers could count on being given hospitality and a place to rest by the wealthy families who lived in these giant houses.

Refusing to host a traveler gave you a bad reputation in your community. You’d be considered rude, or maybe even too poor to be able to afford such hospitality. Gasp! 

Imagine if you were one of those travelers, hoping to stay the night at a great house to rest your tired bones on your journey. Who might you be–and who might you encounter?

In this two-hour Write Club workshop with Oregon writer and folklorist, Flora Winters, you’ll explore the wealth of story possibilities that might arise from the eclectic mix of people staying the night. Who might they be? Perhaps family, friends, pilgrims, con artists, government officials, writers, hopeful singles, and that one person nobody seems to know but everybody is too polite to question.

You’ll write (or forge) a letter of introduction, step into the perspectives of characters high and low, human and animal, and explore how to use this set-up for your chosen genre, whether it be fantasy, murder mystery, or comedy of errors.

What is Write Club? Write Club is a monthly workshop that runs during the school year and is offered to youth 9 and up. These workshops offer the opportunity for young writers to explore various genres and topics in writing with local teaching artists throughout the year. Check out all the upcoming workshops here.

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