Interview with M.K. Martin

Join James and Daryll Lynne for an interview with our very own M.K. Martin as she discusses the release of her new book Survivor’s Club.

Get into the world of squishy creepy things as M.K. Martin reads excerpts from her new book the Survivor’s Club by listening to the recording below

“Stories [are a] way of working through our various issues and ultimately . . . the idea that post-apocalyptic stories are actually very optimistic . . . a lot of terrible things happen but that is the crux of stories is that they have to have conflict, they have to have opportunities for the characters to grow and change.”

M.K. Martin

Interview Highlights

  • M.K. Martin goes into the nuances of writing within the science fiction and post-apocalyptic and speculative fiction genre and how this can play out on the publishing market
  • Using her experiences as an editor, M.K. shares the challenges and triumphs of editing her own work
  • James asks M.K. where she draws her inspiration from and what influences her characters including studying biology and joining the military
  • M.K. shares her desire to set an example for her “little person”
  • Year of Publishing Women with Not a Pipe Publishing

Editor’s Note: The town in which “Murder She Wrote” is set is Cabot Cove, Maine.