Interview with Bill Cameron

Join James, Molly, and Daryll Lynne as they talk with local author Bill Cameron and discuss his new book Property of the State

In this week’s episode of Sentence to Paragraph, Eugene based author Bill Cameron reads from his new book Property of the State and shares his journey as an award winning Young Adult Fiction author. Listen below, on Podomatic, or iTunes.

Bill Cameron is the author of the Skin Kadash mysteries: County Line, Day One, Chasing Smoke, and Lost Dog. His stories have appeared in publications like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Portland Noir. In 2012, County Line won the Spotted Owl for Best Northwest Mystery. His latest book is the young adult mystery Property of the State. Bill lives in Oregon, where he enjoys craft beer and bird watching.

Find Bill on Twitter or at Bill-Cameron.com

You can hear the interview on iTunes, Podomatic, or listen below:

I may not know how to write the next book, but I do know I can finish one.”

 – Bill Cameron

Interview Highlights:

  • We talk about YA stories that deal with real problems, exploring dark themes, and the sophistication of teen readers
  • Bill discusses the tricky aspect of capturing the modern teen voice, especially respecting your teen characters (even if you’re an “old fogey”)
  • Bill discloses his personal experiences with the foster system and how this inspires his writing
  • We explore character choice and how Bill decides which character is the crucial figure in each scene
  • Bill reveals that his first published novel was the fourth he had written and uses this story to encourages other writers