Inspiring, Imaginative, Innovative: Congrats to the 2023 Fiction Fantastic Winners

Wordcrafters is delighted to announce the 2023 winners of our Fiction Fantastic Contest!

This year’s theme was “Enter the Imaginarium.” Our panel of judges was astonished by each story they received this year (all 140 of them!) The creativity, attention to detail, and character development each young author put into their stories is something to be proud of, whether they were selected as a contest winner or not!

Our first category of winners is the K-2 category. Each of these stories was chosen to be spotlighted in this year’s Fiction Fantastic contest:

  • The Adventures of Pets – Hazel Rallen, Eugene Waldorf School
  • Silver – Nova Johnardt, Ridgeline Montessori
  • The Story of Running Deer and Her Tribe – Liora Tabak, Ridgeline Montessori

Well done and congratulations Hazel, Nova, and Liora for your beautiful writing!

Our next category is contest winners, which we have broken into subcategories by grade level. 

The elementary school winners are:

  • The Elevator – Leo Kuhl, Charlemagne at Fox Hollow Elementary School
  • Finding Family – Sofia Ameen, Pleasant Hill Elementary School
  • Goblins Around the World – Saharsh Chireddy & Owen Rudzek, Gilham Elementary School
  • The Magic Redwood – Greta Rice & Xixin Pan, Ridgeline Montessori
  • Project Infinite – Adrienne White, Gilham Elementary School

Bravo to Leo, Sofia, Saharsh and Owen, Greta and Xixin, and Adrienne! Congratulations on your winning stories!

The middle school winners are:

  • The Battle For Duruntar – Kai Suzumura, Ridgeline Montessori
  • The Criminal Poet – Grace Phillips, Roosevelt Middle School
  • Lylan’s Secret – Jude McElfresh, Ridgeline Montessori
  • Once There Was a Boy – Ivy Marsden, Monroe Middle School
  • The Wellerman’s Gift – Keiko Weible, Spencer Butte Middle School

Hurray for Kai, Grace, Jude, Ivy, and Keiko! Congratulations on some stupendous, award-winning stories!

The high school winners are:

  • The Bad Luck Cat – Elizabeth Johnston, South Eugene High School
  • June 2020 Deep Waters – Brianna Bird, Marist High School
  • Test Day – Emily Krauss, Pleasant Hill High School
  • Why We Stay – Stella Hergenreter, Sheldon High School

Way to go Elizabeth, Brianna, Emily, and Stella! Congratulations on your absolutely stunning, winning stories!

Congratulations to all of our winners of this year’s Fiction Fantastic contest!

Wordcrafters is hosting a placement ceremony on June 9, 2023 at the Eugene Public Library, Downtown. Please join us in extolling and supporting some truly talented young writers!