Get Back into Writing

Whether you are only recently overwhelmed without any time to spare or recovering from a long hiatus, Molly, James, and Daryll Lynne share tips on how they pick back up and maintain their daily writing routines.

Maybe its a busy schedule, sudden poor health or even sneaking self-doubt–whatever the case–you might find it difficult to manage a consistent writing schedule. Check out this episode of Sentence to Paragraph to explore how you can keep up with your daily writing streak and make a lifestyle out of being a writer. Listen below, on Podomatic or iTunes.

Molly’s Editing Tip: Thinking of chapter names. Molly finds naming chapters a fun exercise that helps to set the tone for the rest of the chapter. She advises using small (two syllable) words to keep names memorable and accessible.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Daryll Lynne recommends the book Story Genius by Lisa Cron to help with crafting the plot of your novel
  • We discuss the struggles between being a “pantster” or a “plotter” and how to overcome personal obstacles that might be blocking the writing process
  • Molly explains how implementing social media blackouts helps her to stay on track
  • James shares how he finds time to write during the week–both the successes and the challenges
  • Daryll Lynne shares the app she uses to log her writing hours. Find Harvest Time Tracker here