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 Dive deep into the word of game writing in this class with author Rosiee Thor

Upcoming Sessions

Adults (Ages 16+)

Monday March 11 | 6-8pm 

This is an in-person event.

Wordcrafters Studio
436 Charnelton St. Ste 100
Eugene, OR 97401

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We want everyone to have access to our writing programs. Choose the ticket price that best reflects your financial capacity. If you need further support, please contact us at bewriting@wordcrafters.org.

Participant – $52  (For those with limited access to funds)

Sustainer – $69 (The true cost of this offering)

Patron – $86 (This amount supports those who need to pay less to attend)

Registration Closes March 4

Masks are optional. Please stay home if you’re unwell with any upper respiratory illness.

Step into a realm where narrative writing and gameplay intertwine. 

Explore the multidimensional world of game writing, where the boundaries of traditional storytelling are challenged, and the player becomes part of the narrative.

All kinds of games need stories and narrative arcs: whether they’re tabletop role player games, choose your own adventure games, or even mobile games.

Writing for games uses a variety of creative skills: fiction writing, scripting, technical skills, expansive world building, and a deep understanding of player agency.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to craft stories for different game platforms: RPGs, mobile, choose your own adventure
  • How to design intricate narratives with multiple pathways and outcomes
  • How to understand player agency and how to incorporate it effectively
  • Hands-on basic coding to bring your game ideas to life

From creating a complex web of multiple pathway storytelling, to coding your own game, this class will give you the tools to begin building your game writing portfolio. Learn and hone your game writing skills under Rosiee’s expert guidance.

Questions about the class?

You are welcome to contact us at bewriting@wordcrafters.org!

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