First Word Community Open Mic Draws Poets, Writers, and Listeners from Far and Wide

Wordcrafters’ first community open mic on Thursday, October 12 was full of life and camaraderie as people shared their poems, stories, and works in progress with an audience full of fellow word nerds. 

More than two dozen folks showed up, with twelve brave storytellers taking to the mic and absolutely killing it with their spoken word art! 

Some readers were reserved, while others were more dynamic in their performance. Regardless of who was reading, the lovely folks in the audience remained steadfast in their support, providing a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for artists to share the most vulnerable parts of themselves. 

Wordcrafters’ own Jorah LaFleur, who is a spoken word artist herself, did a wonderful job emceeing the event and keeping the good vibes flowing from performer to performer. 

The next Word. community open mic is on November 9. Doors open at 7 pm, and reading will start at 7:30 and run until 9 pm. 

So if you or someone you know has a story, poem, or excerpt they want to share, or if you would like to support your community of word artists, consider signing up! https://wordcrafters.org/word/ 

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