First Draft Characters

This week’s episode of Sentence to Paragraph is the first of a series that will be looking at the various elements that need to be included in any successful first draft.

Do your characters guide your writing or do you tell them where to go and what to do? Daryll-Lynne and Molly discuss how their characters develop in the first draft and share how they figure out which character is the most important, which narrative voice works best with what kinds of characters, and think about how to develop interesting and well-thought-out characters that break through the scene and move the plot forward. Listen below, on Podomatic, or iTunes.

When getting through that first draft: “Remember exactly where you were so you  know where to go next.”


Podcast Highlights:

  • Congratulations and best of luck on your graduate school adventures, Molly!
  • NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, check out Wordcrafters.org for a list of events to get your novel started during National Novel Writing Month!
  • Daryll-Lynne shares how she finds her most interesting character and then uses their uniqueness to build a plot around them
  • Molly uses characters reactions to build scenes and then explores what might have made her character react that way retrospectively
  • We think about how characters can go through an internal transformation through a series of small changes in order to overcome a big obstacle within the plot