Fiction Fluency Seminar Series

Do you have a story to contribute to the world? Do you want to be a deeper, faster, better writer? Do you want to write stories that readers can’t put down?

Wordcrafters is thrilled to once again be partnering with award-winning writer Eric Witchey to offer exclusive access to the full, intensive version of his Fiction Fluency Seminar series in 2022. Each seminar in the series layers on a new level of complexity and control. Participants will acquire the skills needed to create professional-level flash, short stories, novelettes, novellas, or novels in any genre. This intensive 12-month program will be taught online via Zoom, starting in May 2022.

Curriculum: Fundamentals Series | Curriculum: Mastery Series
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Fiction Fluency students receive:

  • MFA-level craft instruction without the time/financial commitment of a degree.
  • Direct Access to a Master Teacher.
  • A community cohort of fellow writers who are committed to their craft.
  • Guided time to write and produce new work.

At Wordcrafters we know that not being able to fully translate a story idea from head to page can be truly frustrating. We all stall. We all get stuck. We all hit walls or resistance when we start, fix, revise, or finish. The seminars in Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency Foundation Series show you how to take control of your creative processes. If you have pushed your best truth through a pen and been underwhelmed by the reader’s response, these seminars can help.

Building on the foundational sessions, the Fiction Fluency Mastery Series places a real-world focus on helping you produce with confidence and consistency. Each cohort of Fiction Fluency students will walk away with market-tested tools that will function in any genre. These tools allow writers to precisely describe how existing stories function, to diagnose and solve problems in stories under development, and to design stories from scratch.

Fiction Fluency seminars combine Eric Witchey’s practical experience publishing fiction in 12 genres with linguistic and cognitive science research on how readers internalize story. Eric teaches that much like learning to speak sentences in a language fluently, you can learn to speak the structures of fiction fluently, allowing you to connect deeply with the hearts and minds of your audience.

The 12-month series begins with an introduction to the reader’s cognitive processes and how writers can make use of them. From that foundation, the seminars explore processes of creativity and how to customize and personalize day-to-day writing habits. With a foundation of how readers read and personal creative practices, the seminars move into the management and manipulation of characters, structures, and techniques that enhance reader experiences. These seminars support the development of intuitive writing by adding to conscious understanding and reinforcing the flow of emotion through the hands.

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