Fiction Fluency Program

Do you want writing to feel easier? To be fun?

Do you want to write stories that readers can’t put down?

Learn how in Fiction Fluency – an intensive, immersive online nine-month online fiction program with award-winning writer Eric Witchey. 

Eric is an extraordinary teacher–his thorough knowledge of writing fiction is encyclopedic for both success and failure. He’s enthusiastic and interested in his students, never loses his cool, and his passion is contagious. Eric runs the classroom in an open, free, and easy way. He helps us all to feel safe to ask questions.

– Ellen

Fiction Fluency student

  • Do you get stuck translating your stories from your head to the page?
  • Do you get stalled and stuck in your writing?
  • Do you hit resistance when you start, fix, revise, or finish?

Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency program puts a real-world focus on helping you create with confidence and consistency. 

Each Fiction Fluency cohort learns market-tested tools that work in any genre. 

You’ll learn how stories work, how to diagnose and solve the problems in your own stories, and how to design good stories from scratch. You’ll also learn how to have fun while you write.

Fiction Fluency combines Eric Witchey’s practical experience publishing fiction in twelve genres with linguistic and cognitive science research on how readers internalize story. 

Much like learning to speak sentences in a language fluently, you can learn to speak the structures of fiction fluently, too—letting you connect deeply with the hearts and minds of your readers.

Fiction Fluency has an incredible amount of excellent information, and thought-provoking class discussions. With each weekend class I take away valuable new skills that are immediately applicable to my works in progress. 

– Sandra

Fiction Fluency student

Writing classes when you’re available

Offered on the weekends, one weekend each month.
Saturday, 1–5 pm and Sunday, 9 am-1 pm Pacific

Click here for the full schedule and curriculum.

Each month’s focus takes you deeper into understanding the mechanics of fiction, giving you new levels of insight and ease in your writing.

You’ll learn the skills you need to create professional-level flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels in any genre.

Eric is such a terrific teacher. My favorite aspects of the classes are Eric’s explanations and illustrations of the concepts.

– Marlena

Fiction Fluency student

What you get in Fiction Fluency

The Fiction Fluency year-long program includes:

  • 96 hours of live online instruction
  • 3 course texts of more than 1,500 pages
  • Sequential development of craft skills
  • Exclusive access to course Discord server
  • Daily writing exercises 
  • Monthly email Q&A with Eric throughout the year
  • Future discounts on Fiction Fluency and related events—including Fiction Fluency retreats and continued learning classes

Eric presents a meta-view of story structure that isn’t found in most writing instruction. Whether you’re trying to craft a story or revise, I think it’s a really useful tool to have in your back pocket.

– Becky

Fiction Fluency student

Meet Eric Witchey

About Eric Witchey

Eric Witchey has sold stories under several names and in 12 genres. His tales have been translated into multiple languages, and his credits include over 170 stories, including 5 novels and two collections.

Eric has penned dozens of writing-related articles and essays and taught more than 200 conference seminars, as well as at universities and community colleges.

His work has received recognition from New Century Writers, Writers of the Future, Writer’s Digest, Independent Publisher Book Awards, International Book Awards, The Eric Hoffer Prose Award Program, Short Story America, the Irish Aeon Awards, and other organizations.

His how-to articles have appeared in The Writer Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, and other print and online magazines.

Fiction Fluency Pricing

9-month Mastery Program: $2,799 (members get 10% off, a savings of $279)

BRING A FRIEND and save an additional $400! You and your friend will each save $200 when you both sign up! Email bewriting@wordcrafters.org for your coupon code.

Please note: International students will have additional shipping costs for course materials.

The warmth and generosity of the instructor and the students, combined with the higher level knowledge, is an absolute delight. Who knew virtual workshops on Zoom could be so friendly, useful and enjoyable?

– Tessa

Fiction Fluency student

Fiction Fluency starts Saturday, December 2, 2023. Sign up now!

Registration deadline is Sept 2, 2023



Wordcrafters membership

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I appreciated the year-long format for immersion into Professor Eric Witchey’s uniquely crafted world of creative writing concepts, processes, and practice.

This class met and then exceeded my expectations – a wise time and financial investment.

– Cheryl

Fiction Fluency student

LEARN MORE: Curriculum and Schedule

Fiction Fluency students receive:

  • MFA-level craft instruction without the time/financial commitment of a degree.
  • Direct Access to an Expert Teacher.
  • A community cohort of fellow writers who are committed to their craft.
  • Guided time to write and produce new work.

Fiction Fluency explores how creativity works, teaching you how to customize and personalize your day-to-day writing habits.
You’ll get a solid foundation of how readers read and personal creative practices, then move into the management and manipulation of characters, structures, and techniques that enhance reader experiences.
This program supports the development of intuitive writing by adding to your conscious understanding of how fiction works and reinforcing the flow of emotion through the hands.