Fiction Fluency 2023-24 Schedule

All weekend seminars will take place via Zoom at the following times each weekend:

Saturday: 1 pm – 5 pm Pacific Time | Sunday: 9 am – 1 pm Pacific Time

Fundamentals Seminar Series

May 20-21, 2023  Seminar A: Foundations of Your Creative Life

June 17-18, 2023    Seminar B: Ideas: Creating and Finding Them

July 15-16, 2023    Seminar C: Writing, Reading, and Internalized Story

Mastery Seminar Series

Sept 9-10, 2023  Seminar One: Characterization in Dramatic Scenes

Oct 7-8, 2023    Seminar Two: Deeper Character Development and Stronger Impact through Conflict Sets

Nov 4-5, 2023   Seminar Three: Character Definition and Impact on In-scene Agendas and Tactics

Dec 2-3, 2023 Seminar Four: Character Influence and Line-by-line Emotional Contrasts

Jan 6-7, 2024 Seminar Five: Controlling Story and Theme in Very Short Character-driven Fiction

Feb 3-4, 2024 Seminar Six: Character Impact on Top-down or Bottom-up Short Story Development

Mar 9-10, 2024  Seminar Seven: Manifesting Character in Text: Scene Sequences, Agenda Stacks, Voice, Tone, Distance, and Subjectivity

April 6-7, 2024  Seminar Eight: Movements, Parallel Stories, Multiple POVs, and Developing Themes to Prove Premises

May 4-5, 2024 Seminar Nine: Polish and Publish

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