Fiction Fluency Seminar Series

Write deeper, write faster, write better. Discover how readers internalize story in heart and mind with Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency Seminars.

Gain the tools and skills you need to understand and build stories that readers can’t put down.

Wordcrafters is once again bringing back award-winning writer Eric Witchey to teach his amazing Fiction Fluency Seminar series in 2021.

The 12-month series begins with an introduction to the reader’s cognitive processes and how writers can make use of them. From that foundation, the seminars explore processes of creativity and how to customize and personalize day-to-day writing habits. With a foundation of how readers read and personal creative practices, the seminars move into the management and manipulation of characters, structures, and techniques that enhance reader experiences. These seminars support development of intuitive writing by adding to conscious understanding and reinforcing the flow of emotion through the hands.

The seminars also support conscious design of story and an understanding of the pervasive impact of character on all elements of story and reader experience. Participants walk away with market-tested tools that will function in any genre. These tools allow writers to precisely describe how existing stories function, to diagnose and solve problems in stories under development, and to design stories from scratch through intuitive discovery or conscious design.

12-month Intensive Seminar Series

Each seminar in the series layers on a new level of complexity and control that allows the participants to acquire skills that will allow them to create professional-level flash, short stories, novelettes, novellas, or novels in any genre—and, yes, literary is a genre.

Fiction Fluency seminars combine Mr. Witchey’s practical experience publishing fiction in 12 genres with linguistic and cognitive science research on how readers internalize story in heart and mind. The seminars present practicable, executable skills for creation, analysis, and revision of short stories and novels.

The Fiction Fluency Master Seminar Series is intended as an intensive 12-month program to help writers progress their writing to a professional level.

Fiction Fluency Seminars are offered ONLINE via Zoom.

Meet the Instructor

Schedule coming Fall 2020

Registration opens Fall 2020

Eric Witchey – Instructor

Monthly Weekend Seminars Beginning in 2021

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