Write deeper, write faster, write better. Discover how readers internalize story in heart and mind with Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency Seminars.

Why Fiction Fluency?

Being fluent in fiction means internalizing story structure to the point that you can express emotions and repeat success patterns intuitively–it’s a naturalization of story structure. 

Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency Seminars combine practical experience with linguistic and cognitive science research on how readers internalize story in heart and mind. The seminars give you practicable, executable skills for creation, analysis, and revision of short stories and novels. The twelve-month series begins with the foundation of habits, and each class layers on a new level of complexity and control that help you acquire skills to create professional-level short, shorts; short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels in any genre.

Learn more about Fiction Fluency Fundamentals here.

The first three seminars–Fiction Fluency Fundamentals–can be taken individually or as a group. These seminars establish the theoretical and practical foundations of creative habits.

Learn more about Fiction Fluency Master Series here.

The Fiction Fluency Master Seminars beginning in June are designed as an intensive 9-month long course to help writers progress their writing to a professional level.

For intermediate and advanced writers looking to seriously level-up writing skills and knowledge, and post-MFA writers looking for those practical, practicable skills they didn’t get in the academic setting.

Class sizes are limited.

Eric Witchey – Instructor

Monthly Weekend Seminars Beginning March 14, 2020

Wordcrafters in Eugene Workshop
425 Lincoln St. | Eugene OR, 97401

Members $249 | Nonmember $279 per seminar


Members save 10% on this class and every class. Want to know more about membership? Click here.

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