Fiction Fantastic 2024 Winning Story: “The Falcon’s Egg” by Roya Talebreza-May

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“The Falcon’s Egg” by Roya Talebreza-May, Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School

K-2 Spotlight, Elementary Level, 2024

The Falcon’s Egg

by Roya Talebreza-May

Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School

Chapter 1: Introduction

On a cool summer day, a falcon named Lilly had her first three babies. She was very excited! The third baby’s first word was “adventure.” Unfortunately, their tree kept having to be cut down because it was in danger of falling on a temple.

The next day when her mother went to go get food, the falcons fell into the temple because of a strong wind that capsized their branch. When their mom came back, she noticed that her little ones were not there. She looked all around the nest for them but could not find them anywhere. Little did she know her babies were inside the temple.

Unfortunately, only one baby survived the fall. Her name was Pipi the Third. Her mom was never able to find her.

Fortunately, Pipi knew of an owl named Rosemary who would definitely take her in as a family member. but when Pipi arrived, she could not find Rosemary anywhere, so she had to sleep outside, which she didn’t really like.

Chapter 2: The Journey Begins

When Rosemary returned the next day, she found Pipi. She was very surprised to see Pipi, and she asked her why she was there so early in the morning. So, Pipi told Rosemary the whole story. When she finished, Rosemary welcomed her as a family member and they cooked Pipi’s favorite foods almost every day.

One fine evening, the two friends thought they heard a thud thud thud so they decided to find the source. Little did they know it was a humongous and magical Jack Rabbit luring them in with its loud footsteps.

Since they didn’t know, they set off on an adventure to find the source of the noise. They started by going to the Haunted Skull Forest, where they found lots of skeletons, but since it was haunted, they didn’t stay there for very long.

The thumping got louder and led them to the HooverVille pond. It was frozen and suddenly the thumping stopped! They had a conversation and talked about where they should go. They decided on Astonish Field, but before that they had to have dinner!

They were eating beef and noodles when a Weasel named Haspairages smelled the delicious food and asked to join them. The friends decided she could, and they all made the decision that, for dessert, they would have mango-flavored snow cones! Afterward, Haspairages began tagging along, so Pipi asked her to join them on the adventure.

It was late, so they decided to sleep at a town on the way, called HooverVille. They got out their sleeping bags and tent and then they slept for fifteen hours.

When they woke up, they traveled to Astonish Field where they found five horses, but they only took three of them because that’s all they needed. It felt so good to have a break from walking. But their horses were out of control, so they were forced to go wherever the horses wanted to go!

Chapter 3: The Battle

I think they ended up somewhere around Asia. They had started in the States so they somehow made it across the ocean. They also became better at steering the horses. The sights were awesome and beautiful. Once Rosemary even caught some pigs. They made bacon for breakfast. It was delicious. They also found cilantro and then, at lunch, they made cilantro soup.

But then, suddenly, a magic Jack Rabbit came and attacked them. It was coming for Pipi. but one by one, all the animals of Asia surrounded Pipi, not turning towards her but towards the rabbit. She wondered why about 9,000 animals that she barely knew were standing up for her defense. Then she realized that they were her old friends. She caught one of their eyes and winked. He winked back immediately because it was their old sign for “thank you” and “you’re welcome.”

By the way, if you wanted to know, Rosemary and Haspairages went to get some fish for dinner.

Chapter 4: The Celebration

When the battle ended and Rosemary and Haspairages returned, Pipi had so much to tell them that she nearly left parts out. Then, finally when Pipi finished, they had dinner. The fish were awesome but this time for dessert they only got one warhead, but it was fine because they were already pretty full from the salmon!

The next day, Pipi woke up in what looked like her tent, but it was a little different. She decided to say thank you to her new/old friends. but when she got out, she could not find Rosemary or Haspairages anywhere. She decided that they were getting stuff for breakfast, so she just went on her way.

When she arrived at their shelter, she found a wall of trees. When she tried to climb the trees they threw her off. She decided that she could try again the next day and tried to go back to her tent, but when she got to the tent spot where it should have been, it was gone. She decided to go back to the wall to try again but when she arrived, she could not find the wall anywhere!

She decided that whoever had made the wall had taken pity and responsibility, so she just walked through the gate and guess what, in place of the door she found a banner that said, “YOU ARE THE BEST! P.S. YOU ARE KIND OF A SUCKY FIGHTER.” Pipi felt annoyed, mad, and happy all at the same time!

When she got inside, she saw more signs printed in various colors such as yellow, blue, green, and orange. They all looked great, but especially the yellow and orange. They all said different things like, “Welcome back!!” or, “YOU’RE AWESOME!” or even “YOU ROCK!”

She thought it was kind of weird that her friends were throwing a party for her when they were the ones who had saved her life, but she didn’t really care. She then realized that the wall was to keep her out. They were preparing, so the trees were keeping her out, because they wanted it to be a surprise. She did wonder where her real tent was, but she decided that she would figure that out later. For now, she would have some fun.

They decided the first thing they would do was take turns telling each other what they had been doing. When that conversation ended, they had tea in beanbag chairs.
Finally, after that they went home.

Chapter 5: The Adventure Resumes

Pipi was already ready for another adventure, and she convinced her friends to go to a national park called Joshua Tree. It had a lot of coyotes and mountains and canyons, and, of course, Joshua trees.

When they arrived, they decided to go to a mountain called Tree-Qwato. It was awesome, but then a roadrunner called Peppermint attacked, or at least they thought it attacked. Apparently, it was just giving a suffocating hug and now they had red marks on their necks. Despite that, they got along pretty well, and they became best friends!


The next day Pipi had seven babies, Peppermint had two babies and Rosemary had one baby, and they all told their children never to set up a home next to a temple! They also told their children to try to go on an adventure and defeat Troy or really just anything wild like that!The End