Fiction Fantastic 2023 Winning Story: “The Magic Redwood” by Greta Rice and Xixin Pan

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“The Magic Redwood” by Greta Rice and Xixin Pan, Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School

Honorable Mention, Elementary Level, 2023

The Magic Redwood

Greta Rice & Xixin Pan

Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School

One day, Violet woke up at camp.

“It is going to be another happy day!” she thought.

After they ate breakfast, the camp counselor, Lucie, told them they were going on a hike.

“We’re going to have to choose partners!” said Lucie.

Violet chose her best friend, Rosie.

When they got to a picnic area, Lucie announced, “You can go explore! Just don’t go too far and stay with your partner.”

As Rosie and Violet tramped through the woods, they heard the tinkling of bells. They followed the tinkling sound and found a giant redwood tree. It seemed like the tinkling sound came from this tree.

“Let’s look around the base of the tree,” said Rosie. But they found nothing.

“We can’t give up!” said Violet. “Let’s climb the tree.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Rosie.

“Come on!” said Violet.

“OK,” replied Rosie.

When Violet got to the fourth branch, she squeaked in delight. “I found a portal!”

Rosie almost fell off her branch.

They were walking through a path, when a voice came from behind them.

“Who is there?” uttered the voice.

Rosie and Violet turned their backs slowly. But all they saw was a rabbit.

“Welcome to Magic Animal land. What kind of animal of you?” asked the rabbit.

Violet replied, “We’re not animals. We are humans. I’m Violet, she is Rosie.”

Then, they continued walking. When they got to the end of the path, seven animals were there, and asked them the same question the rabbit had asked. Before they could answer, an eighth animal, a raccoon, jumped out of the bushes.

“Ah!” screamed Rosie.

“I was sent by the queen. She wants to see you,”” said the raccoon.

Suddenly, the raccoon shouted, “The queen has disappeared!”

They found a note on the throne which said, “Please help me find the piece of gold that can keep the kingdom peaceful forever. P.S. It is still in the kingdom.

Violet and Rosie knew that they had to help.

“We should do it!” Violet said.

They followed the raccoon to where he said the portal was. Suddenly, a kitten jumped out of the bushes.

“Don’t trust him! He is a traitor!” the kitten squeaked.

“No, I am not!” shouted the raccoon.

Violet and Rosie kept following the raccoon. He led them to a deep dark pit. They tumbled and tumbled until . . .

“Do I feel the sunshine?” asked Rosie. They opened their eyes and found they were in a desert.

“Maybe the gold is here,” Rosie said hopefully.

“Maybe. Let’s have a look,” Violet said.

They searched and searched. The night was falling. A jackrabbit offered them to sleep in his den. The next morning, it started to get hot as they searched again.

“We need to find shade,” Rosie panted.

When they found a cave with shade, Violet shouted, “I think I see the gold!”

Rosie looked around and saw Violet standing next to a shimmering rock. When they carefully stared at it, they realized it wasn’t gold, but a rock with a gold painting.

Disappointed, they left the cave and walked through the desert to an oasis. They saw an unmistakable glow between two trees. It was the gold this time!

“I guess this is the end of our adventure!” Rosie said.

Violet replied, “Yes! Our next adventure is returning it to the queen!”

Finally, they returned the gold safely to the palace, and headed back to camp.