Fiction Fantastic 2023 Winning Story: “The Adventures of Pets” by Hazel Rallen

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“The Adventures of Pets” by Hazel Rallen, Eugene Waldorf School

K-2 Spotlight, Elementary Level, 2023

The Adventures of Pets

Hazel Rallen

Eugene Waldorf School

Chapter 1: Lila

Once upon a time, there was a dog and the dog was named Lila. Lila loved to lick. And one day she went far, far away to Eugene. To Hazel and Laura’s house. They had the rats.

Chapter 2: The Rats Come In

The rats were named Little Lav and Spot. The rats met Lila. They met when they were eating lunch. Later on they became best friends.

The rats were small and Lila was big. They played tic-tac-toe together, but sometimes Lila stepped on them. Lila was big and the rats were small. Nana and Poppum, who were Lila’s owners, never clipped her toenails and never gave her baths, even if a skunk sprayed her. So the rats tripped on her toenails.

Chapter 3: Animal Life

They met a funny-looking creature that had a silly looking nose and a curly tail and pointy ears. It was light pink and in a corn patch. Its owner’s name was Mr. Blood. He was quite grumpy, and when he was grumpy he was quite mean. He said, “Get away from my Goldilocks!” Goldilocks was the light pink, funny-nosed looking thing with pointy ears in the corn patch. Goldilocks was a pig.

Chapter 4: Pets Make Friends

The rats had climbed a tree to hide from Goldilocks the pig. Lila dug a hole to hide from Goldilocks the pig, but you could see her. Lila’s legs, tail, head, and back stuck up.

Mr. Blood took naps. He was very, very old. So he went inside to take his nap. Right when he went inside, Goldilocks saw Lila’s head, tail, and back sticking up from the hole.

She walked over and said, “Hi, I’m friendly. I’m a pig. Come out. What even are you doing in that hole?”

Lila came out and said, “My friends, the rats, are up in the tree. I bet they would like to make friends.”

So Goldilocks walked over to the tree and said, “Hey, rats, I’m Goldilocks, and I’m friendly.”

And that’s how they made friends.

Chapter 5: Lila, Spot, Little Lav, and Goldilocks Meet the Queen

They all walked off together and found a cobbled road. Goldilocks the pig wore a pretty flowered crown, a wig that was braided, a princess dress, and pink pants with ballet slippers on her front and back feet. She had a beautiful beaded necklace upon her neck.

They walked along the cobbled road, and at the end of the road stood a ginormous castle. Out came the king and the queen and the prince and the princess.

The queen said, “What are you doing here, Lila? Come in, pig. Oh, your name is Goldilocks, it says so right upon your crown. I remember you. Goldilocks, you used to protect me and were our pig. Little rats, what are your names?”

The rats said, “Squeak, squeak.”

Lila said, “Woof, woof.”

Goldilocks said, “Oink, oink.”

The queen said, “I understand Goldilocks but no one else. I only speak pig but not dog or rat. Please come in and eat dinner with us.”

And that was the day they met the queen.

They had a big feast and dessert was apple pie. For the real dinner, they ate sushi. The animals sat in a highchair, even the rats. They gobbled it all up in one second.The End