Fiction Fantastic 2021 Winning Story: “The Giant Found Out” by Rheah Ayala

The story below is a winner from our Fiction Fantastic Young Writers Contest, open to all youth in Lane County. For more information on this contest, including how to enter, visit here. Support this program with a donation.

You can purchase this story in the 2021 Winners Anthology, A New Story Rises here.

“The Giant Found Out” by Rheah Ayala, TEACH Northwest

K-2 Stories Spotlight, Elementary Level, 2021

The Giant Found Out

By Rheah Ayala

TEACH Northwest

In my dream, my neighbor Elliot was a baby and he was riding an out-of-the-ordinary bike. It was a giant’s bike, and he was riding up on the very top. He was pedaling on some little pedals that he could reach. And he was shifting and shifting. There were so many gears, you couldn’t even count them all. And Elliot was using the smallest shifters for handlebars. The giant was pedaling behind him using the giant’s pedals. I was on my racing bike and I was so far ahead of them that I looked like just a speck, like an ant. But I was going so fast that they knew I couldn’t be an ant. I was wearing all black. They were my ninja clothes. And then Elliot flipped over the handlebars and plopped onto my head. When Elliot went home, riding on my head, the giant found out that Elliot had been on his bike by sniffing around. He was so mad that he stomped and made an earthquake. 

The End