Fiction Fantastic 2019 Winning Story: “The War of the Floating Island” by Christian Gansen

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“The War of the Floating Island” by Christian Gansen, Twin Oaks Elementary School

Third Place, Elementary Level, 2019

The War of the Floating Island 

Lucas Gansen 

Twin Oaks Elementary School

An eleven-year-old boy named Jessey was attempting a backflip on the ground, and he had just landed it for the first time. He was so excited.

“The Chinese food is here. There is orange chicken,” his mom said.

“Yes, my favorite!” Jessey said.

After dinner he got ready for bed. He got his pajamas on and hopped in bed.

The next day he got up for school and he met his friend Lannan. They met up at the oldest and scariest house in their neighborhood, where they always met up.

“Hey, look at what I can do!” said Jessey, “I’m gonna backflip.” 

“Oh my gosh. How do you do that?” asked Lannan. 

“Practice,” Jessey said.

All of a sudden, they fell into the earth and landed on a diamond-shaped island. They saw a cyclops and a weird gooey thing that shot slime balls of some sort. They saw a crane floating on top of the island and a safe on the hook of the crane. But the final thing they saw was a giant crate with live people in it. They both screamed, “RUN RUN RUN!” 

They started to climb up the diamond-shaped island and found a secret door that the slime thing did not even know about. They climbed into it and saw the cyclops resting. They were scared and were really quiet, but then Lannan sneezed. The cyclops woke up.

“Hi. How you doing? I see you have escaped the blurb,” said the cyclops.

“The blurb? What’s a blurb?” Jessey asked.

“It’s the slime blob. He captured all the people who tried to defeat him,” the cyclops exclaimed.

They opened the door and the blurb was right to the side of the door. Jessey quickly closed the door. The two friends were scared, but they wanted to escape and let the other people go and get them back to their families.

“Hey, guys. Why don’t we team up to defeat the blurb?” the cyclops asked the kids.

“Great idea,” said Lannan. 

They opened the door and forgot that they were on the diamond island. They fell all the way down the diamond and the blurb heard them, but then the blurb fell down the diamond, and about ten keys on a chain fell out of his pocket. They grabbed the keys and found the one that said “cage” and ran over to it. They opened it but noticed that the blurb wasn’t chasing them. When they looked back, they saw the blurb was stuck to the ground, because the slime he was made of (that he could shoot) would not peel off the ground! Jessey and Lannan ran to a cave that went into the bottom half of the diamond. It just kept going down and down. It seemed like it never stopped. When they got to the bottom of the cave they found an elevator – a huge elevator.

“Are you serious? We went all the way down here to go back up!” Lannan said angrily.

“Don’t be mad. It goes all the way up to the jewel!” the cyclops said.

“The jewel? What jewel?” Jessey asked.

“The jewel that all those people are here for, but did not find in the cave,” the cyclops explained.

So they went up the elevator and walked out onto a deck and there was a crane that towers over the island. The jewel was in a box, but the box was on the hook of the crane hanging over the island. “I’ll do it!” said Lannan, bravely.

“Okay, th-th-that’s cool with me,” said Jessey awkwardly. 

So, Lannan got into the crane, and he steered the hook to where it was right over them.

“Looks like it’s been here for a while,” said Jessey nervously, while Lannan started to lower the crane’s hook. “I almost got it!” 

Suddenly, the hook broke, and the jewel was falling. Then a portal opened! The crane, the kids, and the cyclops all fell in the portal. Then the blob came out of the elevator and barely made it into the portal, along with everyone else. With a plop, they landed on a trampoline. When they saw that the blob was falling too, they ran away as fast as they could. The cyclops and boys hid in a hole, not even knowing where they were. Jessey felt a giant furry leg, and then seven more.

“A SPIDER!” Lannan screamed in fear. 

They ran out and a giant seven-foot-long spider followed. They did not know where to go, so they ran back the way they came. They saw the blurb, who was panting and gasping for air not knowing about the spider. Jessey and Lannan watched him turn around a corner and come back out on the spider’s back!

“Holy crap!” yelled Jessey.

They ran even faster than they were running before. They jumped into another hole just before the blurb and the spider turned the corner. They saw them pass by the hole, then the blurb fell off the spider. The blurb didn’t see the boys as he chased the spider, until Lannan yelled excitedly, “You’ll never catch it!”

The blurb turned around. 

“Wha-wha-what? Who said that?” croaked the blurb.

“I did,” said Lannan bravely.

“I am here as well,” said Jessey awkwardly. 

The blurb ran and ran, but Jessey and Lannan were faster. They passed him, and he fell and rolled to the ground. 

“You’re gonna die now!” said the blurb.

“If you think you can defeat us, why did you run?” Jessey awesomely asked.

“Oh, you’ll see why I say that in just a minute!” the blurb laughed happily.

Then two big blurbs came out from the bushes, and boom, a fight broke out in the street. Jessey and Lannan were losing, but then Jessey hit the bigger blurb and knocked him flat on his back. There was a green gooey substance coming out! 

“My brother, come closer. Tell Mom, Dad, and our brothers that I love them,” cried the big blurb, as he lay dying.

“Oh, you’re going down now!” screamed his brother, the other blurb.

But then the spider came back and smushed both the blurbs! Luckily, Lannan and Jessey dove out of the way. 

The boys were relieved. As they caught their breath, they remembered their friend.

“The cyclops!” said Lannan.

Jessey and Lannan ran back the other way and saw the cyclops on the ground just lying there! 

“Go go go. Don’t worry about me. Help the people of the island” said the cyclops sadly.

“No, we will not leave you,” said Lannan.

“Just go,” sighed the cyclops.

“Ok,” said Jessey.

They start running and saw a crowd running towards them. All at once, they all fell through another portal! They fell onto another island, but this one was different. It is bigger and quieter. They walked around the island and then five more cyclops walked around the corner.

“Holy Moley!” Jessey said. 

“It’s okay. We are family of the cyclops. Do you know where he is?” said the mom cyclops.

“I’m so sorry, but there was this giant spider and he was in its path!” said Lannan sadly.

“No. Please, no. He was only eighteen,” the mom cried very sadly.

“I’m so sorry, Ma’am” said Jessey. 

They started to walk back to the cyclops’s place when suddenly they heard a big BANG! A thousand blurbs fell out of the sky onto the ground.

“I am Billy, the leader of the blurbs. We are here for Jessey and Lannan, because they killed our brothers!” he shouted.

Jessey and Lannan ran and hid in the cyclops’s closet. 

“Where are they? We know you have them!” said the leader blurb, Billy.

“We don’t have them. We promise,” said the mom cyclops.

“Okay, I will trust you for now” Billy the blurb said. The blurbs left.

After the blurbs were gone, Jessey and Lannan quietly creeped out of the closet. They needed a plan of how to get back home, but they knew they would have to defeat the blurbs. The cyclops family wanted to help. 

Jessey remembered about when they fell down the mountain with the first blurb chasing them.

“I have an idea” said Jessey. 

“Remember when we were being chased by the first blurb?” Jessey asked.

“Yeah,” Lannan said

“What we’ll do is fall down the mountain and when the blurbs chase us, they will stick to the ground,” Jessey said awesomely.

The cyclops family waited for the boys to climb the mountain, then they shouted to the blurbs. “GO get them, they’re on the mountain!”

Just as they had hoped, the blurbs began to chase them down the mountain.

Lannan and Jessey rolled down the mountain, so they wouldn’t get hurt, and sure enough, as the blurbs followed, they got stuck to the ground!

The boys found some ropes that the cyclops had left for them. They swung on the ropes and were safe. As the blurbs started unsticking, they chased the boys and fell into the void. The blurbs were defeated.

When the boys got back up the mountain, they were surprised to see an old friend. The cyclops brother had returned safely to his family! Everyone was smiling. But now, how to get the boys back home.

Then all of a sudden a portal opened up and a voice said “Good job, boys. You completed your quest. Now you can go home, until next time.”

‘NEXT TIME?” exclaimed Jessey and Lannan.