Fiction Fantastic 2019 Winning Story: “The Adventure to Cloud Land” by Jens Dietzler

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“The Adventure to Cloud Land” by Jens Dietzler, Twin Oaks Elementary School

First Place, Elementary Level, 2019

The Adventure to Cloud Land

By Jens Dietzler

Twin Oaks Elementary School 

Chapter 1 Going to Cloud Land


“Mommy! I stubbed my toe!” Little Billy screamed. Little Billy seemed to ALWAYS be screaming about something, “Mommy! My toy truck is gone!” “Mommy! I don’t want cheese quesadillas!” See what I mean? 

My name is Chris Crevello and I live in Gainesville, Florida, which is actually a really nice place. I have a friend named Daniel Docks, he is kinda large, he LOVES pizza, and he has autism. In our town we have a museum here that I absolutely LOVE because of all the artifacts in it. Tonight we were having cooked cabbage for dinner, which is my favorite. But my little bro absolutely HATES cooked cabbage, so when I told him we were having cooked cabbage, he wasn’t very happy. “It’s time for dinner! Come to the table!” said Mom. 

“NO! NO NO NO NO NO!” said little Billy. 

“Dude, you have to eat cooked cabbage, or you can starve,” I said looking straight at him. 

“Fine,” he said, “but I don’t have to wike it.” After I ate dinner, my little bro and I went to bed.


That day I was going to school at Floppy Fish Elementary. Stupid name, right? Well, it’s actually pretty neat. We have delicious lunches, a massive library, and a huge playground! My first period is Social Studies, (where we study about the other United States). This is one of my favorite classes because I love studying on the state we’re working on, Oregon. Our teacher is named Mr. Phil and he is awesome, he is the reason I love Social Studies so much. He makes us memorize states, but we do this by putting it into a song! Awesome right? 

After that I have English, which is by far my LEAST favorite subject. Our teacher, Mr. Flounder never actually talks, all he does is make mumbling noises that a few of us can understand. Then I have Language Arts, which is ok, not the best subject, but ok. Then it’s recess which, of course, is AWESOME! I love going down the blue slide with Daniel. Today Daniel and I were going to the blue slide first before anyone else did. We walked up the stairs up to the slide, but the second I set foot on top of the blue slide, Daniel and I were flung into the air flying up into the clouds.

Chapter 2 Welcome to Cloud Land

When I woke up, Daniel and I were standing on top of a cloud. At first I thought this must be a dream, there’s no WAY I could be standing on top of a cloud. But when I tried to wake myself up, I figured out, it wasn’t a dream. 

I looked around, “Where are we?” I asked. 

“In Cloud Land,” said a mysterious voice. When I looked toward where the voice had come from, a weird multicolor cow appeared. 

“I know you may be a bit stunned being here, you must be from the regular world,” said the multicolor cow, gazing at me as if I were three hundred pounds of gold. 

“What is this place?” asked Daniel.

“Didn’t I already tell you? This is Cloud Land! A very happy place! Well . . . it USED to be a happy place,” said the multicolor cow, looking down.

“What do you mean, USED to be a happy place?” I asked.

“An evil wizard took all the happiness from Cloud Land, and now it’s a gray slump of depression.” 

“Have you taken any other innocent children to fight to the death with the wizard?” asked Daniel, who was very mad at the cow for taking us up here, I could tell.

“Yes, a kid named Parker. He fought well against the wizard, but the wizard scared him into not fighting him.” 

“So, he’s still alive?” I asked.

“Yes, in fact, he is going to help you on your journey to defeat the wizard,” said the cloud cow (that’s what we decided to call him). 

“Ok, so where is he?” asked Daniel, but right after he said that a kid with blond hair wearing a gray sweatshirt appeared. 

“Sup?” he said.

“Oh, and by the way, Parker has a magic power, said the cloud cow. “He can shoot fire from his hands. We gave him that after he fought well against the wizard.” 

“So . . . are we gonna do this or not?” I asked, getting impatient. 

“Yes, right away. Just find the first temple, and then, by completing your quest, you will get a map that will lead you to the wizard’s fortress,” said the cloud cow. “On you go.”

Chapter 3 Beating the Temple

After the cloud cow sent us off, Parker said, “The first temple is over there,” pointing to a cloud with a building on it. “Just complete the obstacle course.” 

The obstacle course looked easy enough, just a few blockers and a bit of parkour, but when I walked up to the course, everything started moving. The blockers were moving to the opposite sides every ten seconds, and the parkour blocks moved apart and came back together. 

I walked up to it and said, “I know how to complete this. Just run through the blockers when they hit the wall and wait for the parkour blocks to match, it’s easy!” We did exactly what I said and we completed the course in no time. After that I looked up at the temple before us, and then a stairway made of clouds unfolded down to us. We walked up to the top of the staircase to see that the temple looked very worn down and had been through a lot. 

“So you wanna defeat the wizard, eh?” said a voice from inside. “Well, it won’t be easy, heh heh.” An old blind man walked out and he looked straight at me, which was awkward because he was blind. “The name’s Wreak, and I’ve guarded the wizard so he won’t be harmed for one thousand years!” he said, grinning. “And since you wanna stop the wizard, then, well, I have to kill you.” Right after he said that, about twenty old deranged robots came out of the temple behind him. “Minions! Destroy them!” he yelled, pointing at us. The robots jumped at us. 

“Sit back and drink your Coke, I got this” said Parker opening up his hands. Fire shot out of his hands, surrounding the robots and demolishing them one by one. 

“Wow,” I said, looking at the remains of the robots, “That is . . . more powerful than I thought.” 

“Yup. I had it.” said Parker smiling. 

“Well, you have defeated me,” said Wreak, still grinning. “Go on and defeat the wizard, if you can.”

Then out of nowhere, a map formed out of the remains of the robots and the map showed where the fortress of the wizard was. “Let’s go to his fortress” said Daniel, and we walked away towards the fortress of the wizard. 

“Heh, heh. They will never be able to defeat him,” said Wreak, smirking sinisterly.

Chapter 4 The Wizard’s Fortress

I stared in awe at the massive fortress. The walls were made of obsidian, there were traps everywhere, and the place smelled of dead pigs. “This guy really went out of his way to make this,” said Daniel, shaking a little. 

“Yes, he did,” said Parker. “He wanted to make it so that no one could get in or get out except him.” 

Then the gate opened and I whipped my fists up.

“Oh, there’s no need for that,” said a voice from inside. A man in a purple cloak walked through the gate holding a staff made of wood with a blue glowing sphere on top of it. “I was hoping we could fight in the castle, but I guess some things never change.” 

Then a pig, well, a pig on one side and robot pig on the other spoke. “Master,” said the pig in a robot voice, “shall we kill these idiots?”

“Yes, we shall. Oh, and this is Snub, by the way, the robot pig,” said the wizard, smirking. “Shall we begin?”

The wizard shot a bolt of lightning-like substance straight at me and I collapsed on the ground. Don’t pass out, don’t pass out, I thought, feeling the pain throbbing everywhere. I was able to regain consciousness right as Parker shot fire at the wizard. Parker was sure he would collapse, but all it did was make him stiffen for a second and then start shooting spells at us again. 

Then I got an idea “Parker, shoot a long lasting thing of fire at the wizard!” I said. 

“Why?” asked Parker. 

“JUST DO IT!” I yelled at him. 

Parker shot a typhoon swirl of fire at the wizard and the wizard stopped moving. My plan was working. I dashed up to the wizard and I stole his staff right from him. “Parker! Stop!” I yelled. 

“Okay!” he yelled back over the roaring of fire. 

The typhoon swirl stopped and the wizard unstiffened, “What happe- WHERE IS MY STAFF?!” the wizard yelled, looking at his empty hand.

“Looking for something?” I said smirking at him. 


I shot the wizard with a random spell and he immediately started disintegrating away into dust. 

“Wow,” I said looking at the pile of wizard remains.

“That was . . . weird,” said Daniel, staring at the remains, too. 

“Wait,” I said, looking into the ash. There was a note inside of the ash, but the bad thing was I couldn’t read it when I picked it up, it was all in binary code: 0100110 01100001 01101110 01100011 01101000 01100101 0111011 01110100 01100101 01110101 0001010 0001010 00100000 00100000. When I checked the translator on my phone, the binary code said “Manchester.” 

“The note says ‘Manchester,’ which is the wizard’s real name, I think,” I said, holding the note up to read. 

Parker said, “Well . . . goodbye.” 

“Bye? Wait, can’t you come back now cause’ the wizard’s dead?” asked Daniel.

“Yeah!” said Parker and he grabbed my hand, right as we were shot down to the Earth.

Chapter 5 Welcome Home, Chris

We landed in my room with an “Oof!” because Parker landed on top of me. 

“We-we made it!” said Daniel looking around. 

“Wow, I haven’t seen the earth in like fifteen years!” said Parker, looking outside my window.

“Hold on, let me go down so Mom doesn’t know you guys are here,” I said. “You guys can use some rope to get out my window. It’s in the top cupboard of my desk.” 

“Okay,” said Daniel.

I walked downstairs right as the other guys started climbing out the window using my rope. It wasn’t where I thought it was. When I was downstairs, I saw Mom making dinner on the stovetop. “Hey, Mom, what’s for dinner?” I asked sitting down on the couch.

“Cooked cabbage again,” she said.

“Billy won’t like that very much,” I said smirking. 

I turned on the TV to see what was on, but all there was were stupid commercials, so I turned it off. When it was time for dinner, Mom called Billy to come downstairs. When she told him we were having cooked cabbage, we heard from upstairs, “NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO!” so I had to go and grab him. 

After all that drama, Billy and I went to bed. When I got in my room, there were stars everywhere outside my window, and a line of rope going to the bottom along the side of the house. When I finally drifted off to sleep, I saw the image of the multicolor cow eating grass on a cool green field, happy as ever.